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Why I moved from Drupal to Strapi and Next.js

15 September 2023

I’ve had a long term relationship with Drupal (12 years plus) but decided to try other platforms (like Wordpress, Dato CMS and many many more). Why? Speed of developing and provide an easy way to create content for my clients.


I’ve always used a base theme for Drupal and its dependencies but it kept growing and had become hard to maintain… mostly stripping away functionality that my clients didn’t need or could wreck the site with. For instance. Removing a person could remove lots of content by default. Not that I didn’t like Drupal, it has served me very well in those years but it’s just too generic by default.

I’ve tried Vue.js, Nuxt, Gatsby and Atom.js but I was missing a way to create and preview content. Next.JS has a way to preview content on a separate url and makes it possible to publish when the preview has been granted by managers.

Also. I like to give editors the change to create content in a flexible way. Place an image, text or video clip or a reference to a form like you can see in the screenshot below. And not in one field like Gutenberg WordPress does. That makes upgrading or moving to another CMS an overly complicated in my opinion. (Although I like the concept)

Strapi provides dynamic zones [] that is a very flexible way to create content and keep your database clean. And it’s also open source. Which is required for a lot of governments I work for.

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